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Common problems in the production of silicon and calcium cored wire

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Silicon and calcium cored wire is widely used in daily life, and is a composite product used in steel mill processing. Some problems often occur in the production of this product, which have a great impact on the quality of the products produced. The causes and solutions of these two problems are described in detail below:

1. The core wire is compressed or broken, resulting in the failure of feeding

Reasons: the core wire is empty material, not tight leakage material, the core wire is not round, packing is not solid, poor quality of steel belt, feeding machine roller wear is large, the above reasons will make the core wire is compressed or broken, leading to line feeding.

Solution: adjust the discharging speed of the equipment and the particle size of silicon and calcium alloy, improve the quality of the core wire, choose and buy qualified steel belt, timely repair or replace the roller.

2. Bulk material of cored wire

Reason: The core coil welding is not solid, resulting in product damage to the bulk material.

Solution: Weld the core ring and add the packing belt.

To sum up, in order to effectively ensure the quality of the silicon and calcium coated wire is not damaged, we should carry out the inspection according to the above methods and timely deal with the problems found.

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