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Attention to operation of silicon and calcium cored wire

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Silicon and calcium cored wire is a kind of product to improve the quality in steelmaking. With the development of cored wire, the types of cored wire are increasing. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the details when choosing products, so as to avoid buying inferior products.

Precautions for operation of silicon and calcium cored wire:

1. Adjust the feeding line speed reasonably. The linear feeding speed has a great influence on the Ca absorptivity. Both too fast and too slow will reduce the absorptivity. When the cored wire is fed into a certain depth, the melting depth should ensure that the molten dispersed calcium bubbles are subjected to a large hydrostatic pressure of steel, so that they can be consumed as completely as possible before floating to the liquid steel level. Proper feeding speed can improve the calcium yield. If the speed is too fast, on the one hand, a large amount of calcium vapor locally produced will make the molten steel violently churning, and a large amount of calcium vapor will directly evaporate into the air; On the other hand, calcium vapor does not dissolve in time and floats in large quantities, thus reducing its yield. On the contrary, if the speed is too slow, the feeding depth will be insufficient, and it will rise to the steel level before it can completely dissolve in the steel and be wasted.

2. Select the feeding line position correctly. Feed line location also has a great influence to the yield of calcium, pure calcium solid core wire feeding point should be chosen in the center of the liquid steel drop flow, as far as possible away from blowing argon bright circle, so whether it is Ca in gaseous or liquid into the molten steel, are falling flow under the action of force it down, so as to prolong the residence time in the liquid steel, so that it is fully absorbed by molten steel.

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