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The quality of molten steel can be improved by using silicon and calcium cored wire

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The use of silicon and calcium cored wire can reduce the production cost of users, improve product quality, today xiaobian take you to briefly understand its related content.

The silicon and calcium cored wire can adjust and control the trace elements which are easy to oxidize when it is used, which can greatly improve the alloy harvest rate, shorten the production time, control the content composition, change part of its shape in molten steel, and improve the quality of molten steel. The cored wire can be divided into two types: inner drawn and outer laid. The feeding equipment is simple and easy to operate, covering a small area, and the inner drawn cored wire can adapt to narrow field. If the deformation of the cored wire is not uniform during the forming process, it will be easy for the steel belt edge to bulge and destroy the quality and stability of the cored wire.

In order to prevent such a situation, measures to limit edge elongation will be used in the production of silicon-calcium cored wire. In the design of pass, the pass forming method with relatively stable forming state will also be selected. The user should choose normal manufacturer to choose when buying core wire, such ability assures its quality accords with manufacturing requirement, service life is long.

Small make up here suggest that when you buy do not coax cheap, to avoid to buy inferior products, hope that the above content can help you better understand the silicon calcium core wire, if you have other questions need to consult, welcome to call at any time, wholeheartedly for your service.

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